Graphic: Rabbit Holes

Using Surprise & Delight in a Branding Campaign

A small touch that makes a big difference during the anniversary for The Macallan shows how to use 'surprise and delight' to draw attention to the brand.

There is a small little detail at the very beginning of this video that is a masterclass in creating delight by using small details in subtle and unexpected ways.

I’ve watched the first two seconds of this promo at least 5 times just to enjoy the waves from the new distillery roof come in and complete the “A”s. It’s a wonderful touch of unexpected delight.

The revised logo for The Macallan from David Carson and the team is pretty, and spare, and flexible too. The bars of the A’s are formed from the shapes of the roofs on the new distillery (see below for a link), and the simple but lovely animation fits nicely with the theme of this promo.

Nice work everyone!

Here’s a link to the logo-drop post in case you missed it.

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