Make Technical Copywriting Sell Again

Technical writing doesn't have to be dry, and it's OK to use different tones for different messages

Homepage Technical Copy

Homepage: Meet The Company

Halogen Systems Inc. (HSI) developed cutting-edge technology that they incorporate into their highly regarded online chlorine analyzers for the ballast water systems of ocean-going ships, municipal water treatment systems, and other vertical markets. HSI’s audience is educated and technical. This is not an audience that will be swayed by bold and pretty graphics. It’s an audience that will punish unsupported claims. The main page needs to clearly indicate information paths for the main three verticals (Ballast Water, Drinking Water,  and Wastewater) and speak to the trustworthiness of the company and the technology, and so it does.

An example of website homepage with a clear and informative layout and copywriting 01-HSI-HomePage-Copy

Product Technical Copy

Product Detail: Description, Benefits, and Details

Because they speak to technical people, HSI’s product pages get straight to the point. Readers quickly drill down from Main page to Use-case to Product Type to Deployment Type, and once they are there they get everything they need at their fingertips, including a page-level menu that allows them to jump directly to the content that interests them.  Each section has a ‘contact” call-to-action so that users can readily move from absorbing information to connecting to the team.

example of website design with clear and informative layout and copywriting 02-HSI-Solutions-Copy

Engaging Reports Copy

Industry News Post: Present the Facts, Make the Application, Show the Path

HSI uses authoritative sources to illustrate how an important industry issue can be resolved by using its sensors and technology. The audience dictates that issues are presented directly with a clear explanation of why they matter, and how they can be solved.

03-HSI-Aquaculture-Layout 03-HSI-Aquaculture-Copy

Competitive Benefits Copy

Competitive News Post: Present the Facts, Show The Distinction, Show The Work

Competitive posts are a little more fun for the copywriter. Here the tone can be a bit more forward. Product features and benefits can be shown as advantages. Test results can be deployed, and data will be used to best effect. In these posts, attention is drawn to the 3rd party reporting via bold quote blocks. The effect is that the superiority of the HSI technology shines without being self-aggrandizing. (Engineers hate a braggart, but as Dizzy Dean famously noted: “It ain’t bragging if you can do it.”)

Informative website for blog news presentation 04-HSI-OWQM-Copy

Write For Your Audience

Make sure your copy speaks to your audience the way they want to hear it in a clear voice that they’ll identify as your brand’s personality. I’m happy to help. 

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