Fun Past Projects

Here are some smaller projects I've particularly enjoyed for the stretching of create muscles.

A Classy Card for Pair of Interior Design Therapists

These two Room Therapists needed a classy leave-behind that set them apart from the “I watch HGTV and must therefore know what I’m doing” branch of interior designers. Lots of clear-zone room and a splash of foil make the point nicely, as does the rich brown (instead of your average black) background.

Need cards for your passion project? Call me.

Logo & Branding for a high-end Plaster Company

Plaster By Orciani is an institution in Western North Carolina. Started by an Italian craftsman, later engaging his art-major son and a highly trained crew, the company works at the highest levels in both ancient and super-modern materials and techniques. They needed a logotype that showed both the tradition and the artistic flair possessed by this amazing team. It works equally well on t-shirts and trucks in either the logotype or “O” icon.

Need a logo that matches your skill? Tag me in.

A Brand Worthy of the Music Studio

High Note Productions is/was Asheville-area music production company with roots in NYC was ready to update its website but needed to do something about its logo. It had to work with his domain, but also be interesting on t-shirts and roadie cases. "Say no more. Here are 10 to start." The studio may have taken a back seat in their lives, but the branding stands up.

Need a brand that matches your passion? Let's talk

An Asheville Destination Brochure that stands out

The authentically Asheville Adventure Center boasts mountain-biking, zip-lining, and ropes courses for children of all ages. Facing competition from copy-cats, they needed something that would stand out with “stuff-to-do” racks in every tourist hotspot.

This was a fun exercise to create an umbrella logo for the various parks within the park, write copy that matched the vibe, and then combine them all into a layout that stands out. If you need a brochure that stands out from the rack-pack, use the contact info below.

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