A "Secondary" Brand Gets to Shine in the Spotlight

Started as a division within a furniture design company, the talented team of interior designers in Asheville's FS Design Group needed their own brand, website, and sales materials

An Asheville, NC furniture design firm with international clientele found that its interior team was a major moneymaker and deserved its own branding and promotional materials.

Previously, the interior designers of FS Design Group in Asheville was treated as a secondary brand—a service offered to furniture buyers. As such, branding efforts were limited to industry publications, and the ads were done by the publishers so there was no consistent branding, and nothing was maintained ‘in-house.’ Even the previous logo was designed without thought to small formats, or digital ones. The new logo pulls from the old one but presents better in horizontal and small contexts.

We started with a conference call and I generated some fast comps for look and feel. The client feedback was instrumental in creating their own distinct look. The site was done quickly to be ready in advance of a commercial interior open house (along with a rack card they could get printed locally). They had some copy, but not all, so we worked together to match the voice and tone of the founder and team. Since the site won’t reach its full form until photography of previous and current projects comes in, it was designed to be easily maintained and updated as new material arrives.

They ended up needing their email server as well as hosting, and a certain specific generalist had that in his toolbox, so they were able to get up to speed as a team quickly.

FS Design Group has fast become a favorite client. Their good humor and focus on details make my job easy and fun. 

If your team needs to get ramped up with a branding package or website, give me a ring. Whether designing the brand, writing the copy, or setting up your web server and content manager, this specific generalist will get you started.

Some Images of the Project

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