Three Additional Awards for FS Design Group

FSDG Wins Three Design Awards at the Asheville HBA Stars Event, Including one for the Website

The Builders Association of the Blue Ridge Mountains (formerly Asheville Home Builders Association) hand out THE WNC STARS annually. This past October, the BABRM handed out over 50 awards for categories as diverse as advertising, remodeling projects, custom-built homes, and interior design.

Multiple Nominations, Multiple Awards

In their first year as a standalone Asheville area interior design firm, FS Design Group was up for three STARS awards:

  • “Best Interior Design for a Home Between 2,501 to 4,000 Square Feet”
  • “Best Interior Merchandising for a Home 2,501 to 4,000 Square Feet”
  • “Best Website for an Associate”

Recognizing their amazing work,  FS Design Group was awarded the top prize in all three categories!

The first two awards were tied to the same project, a beautiful home featuring a mountain modern design * located in North Asheville. 

The “Best Website for an Associate” award was a happy reward for the amount of work required by the project. April Gahagan tasked her team to build a website that would pictorially explain the firm’s vision while matching our own design aesthetic. Oh, and she wanted it done in two weeks!

Working along with the team to create a website design for a design firm was certainly a new experience, and I’m happy the result has proved worthy, especially since this is only the first stage of a deeper site project.

Already we are adding portfolio pages and learning posts as new images and projects get completed.

Congratulations again to the team at FS Design Group. The site is just a vessel for the amazing work you guys do, and so it’s your work that’s winning. I’m just happy to be part of the team. 

If your team needs a teammate who will showcase your passion, bring me off the sidelines.

*See “What is Mountain Modern Design” on the FS Design Group Website

FS Design Group Website & Digital Assets

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