Next Generation Product Leads to Rebrand

A cutting edge company found themselves beached by a dated logo, and ad hoc sales materials generated over the years.

Halogen Systems, Inc (HSI) is a great company doing cool work in an unsung back corner of a globally important industry. In a nutshell, they produce an innovative sensor that simplifies and greatly improves a massive ship’s ability to monitor compliance with international Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) testing regulations.

Most BWMS testing requires extra pumps, water lines, and fixtures. All these requirements add complexity to an already tangled process and—because the water being tested is now far from the water in the ballast pipe—create lag in the data gathering. HSI’s sensor is durable enough to withstand the pressure of a ballast water pipe and its advanced technology can operate in nearly any flow including no flow at all. The housing can be inserted directly into Ballast Water pipes, with only a communication wire back to the display. This makes installation dead simple and cuts complexity and maintenance across the (sea)board.

However, even though HSI’s sensor was on the cutting edge of their industry, they found themselves beached by a dated logo, and ad hoc bunch of sales materials generated over the years. In collaboration with the fantastic team at HSI, we rolled out not only a fresh branding package, but cohesive sales materials including colorways, copy, and graphic elements that can be used across the company, especially as they move into other verticals like municipal drinking water, wastewater, and industrial water testing.

HSI now has iconic-looking branding that puts them at the forefront of their industry, a worthy addition to their already forerunning tech.

If you’re ready to elevate your branding to match the ambitions of your company, let’s get started.

Some Images of the Project

Branding-HalogenLogo-Before Branding-HalogenLogo-After
Branding-Halogen-Sys-Website-Before Branding-Halogen-Sys-Website-After
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