Startup Ecosystem Design & Build

Transforming Executive Goals Into Designs, Designs into UI/UX, and UI/UX into Code for a Startup Real Estate Ecosystem

More than a website, RealtyProClub was a cloud-based ecosystem for Real Estate Investors.

  • One of the web platforms, BuyEveryHome, was designed with a consumer focus to provide house flippers direct access to homeowners.
  • A  gig-platform site allowed house-finder contractors to upload discoveries directly into the system for underwriting and sales teams.
  • Still another part of the cloud-based platform allowed Rental Portfolio Owners to buy, sell, and form relationships with service companies like banks, insurance, contractors, etc. 

Each site needed a brand that could stand on its own but also work with the other sites. Each site also required its own back-end database and interface for multiple user types, but the architectures had to be similar enough that data could be automatically aggregated for sales team use as well as executive reporting. Ad campaigns were tracked via a custom backend that could link ads to traffic and track progress through the various sales funnels.  

In addition to the design and production of an ecosystem of 5 websites, I produced training videos and managed the design and programming teams, translating management goals into implementation paths and production timelines. The result was a powerfully effective system for lead generation.

When you’re ready to put the jump-start into your start-up, I’ll help you get those stones rolling.

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