Talented Interior Designers get a Website Design Award

Asheville's FS Design Group shows their work and gets recognized with a “Best Website” award.

The amazing team at FS Design Group, interior designers in Asheville, NC was just recognized for their amazing portfolio, a small glimpse of which was awarded “Best Website” at the NC Home Builders Association Star Awards.

April Gahagan and her team have a diverse span of styles they can apply for clients as varied as custom home builders, dining and hospitality companies, and even American embassies abroad. The website’s design serves as a vessel to show off the work, and make no mistake, what FSDG does is definitely work.

Impressive Design Range

Whether it’s the deep coziness of Old Europe Cafe, the lively energy of Salt Face Mule Brewery, or a mountain-modern vacation home overlooking downtown Asheville, FS Design Group shows a wide array of skills that make clients happy. If the website featuring all that work wins an award, that means the work has shown through, and that in turn makes me happy.

Congrats to April and FS Design Group. Ya’ll are awesome and I really appreciate being part of the team!

UPDATE: It’s happened again!

FS Design Group has swept all its categories in the Blue Ridge Builder’s Association Star Awards for 2023. Tag me if you’d like a site you’ll be proud to display.

The Awards

An Impressive Client

Any design project worth doing requires an intensive process of distilling not just what a client is asking, but also what they might want that they didn’t know is possible. Then, all that intuiting runs headlong to the opposite side of the brain for budgeting and logistics. This dual-brain requirement for anyone who earns a living as a creative is particularly involved for interior designers, who need to speak in “client“ language one minute, then translate to languages like “accountant”, “architect“, “builder”, and even “artisan” immediately and on-the-fly.

April doesn’t settle for the pictures a client brings from whatever HOME or DESIGN magazine they’ve been saving. She takes that input and then applies her intimate knowledge of construction, traffic flows, and real-world use, to create spaces that foster engagement, discovery, and even joy. She imbues client desires with practical yet gorgeous design elements. She coordinates with architects, builders, custom furniture makers, and local artisans to create environments that make inhabitants feel special.

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