The Brand Values

Establishing super-specific Brand Values has never been easier thanks to the Open Source data-calls and AI-enablement

How Can You Use the Brand Values Tool?

Ripped from the headlines, see how a marketing director in a Regional Wholesale Distribution Company used the Brand Values Worksheet to survey stakeholders, report findings, set a course for reasserting the company’s original brand values.

Susan and the Disappearing Brand Values

Meet Susan, a marketing heroine faced with a mystery: Where did the Brand Values go?

Start your own Brand Recovery Story with my free open-source Brand Values Worksheet (BVW)!

*TP Parade not guaranteed

In the harried halls of a rapidly expanding but unimaginatively named Regional Wholesale Distribution Corporation, Susan, a marketing director with a penchant for sharp insights and sharper pencils, found herself wrestling with a peculiar dilemma. As the company grew—acquiring entities and employees like a magician pulls rabbits from hats—its core values seemed to disappear, much like Susan’s perpetually lost spectacles.

One day, while pondering over the company’s latest brand misadventures (an ad campaign featuring a rhinoceros in roller skates had not gone as planned, HR was involved, and The Bronx Zoo), Susan had an epiphany. Armed with the Brand Values Worksheet (BVW)—a tool from the ever-generous and weirdly large-headed inventor at Chachwick Creativity Co.—she set about her quest.

Susan Surveys the Situation

Susan interviewed the company’s founder, stakeholders, customers, and employees, with each of her interviews in separate versions of the worksheet. Susan unveiled these findings in the large conference room, using a single file that combined the widely diverse responses.

The survey revealed troubling tilts away from the original brand values. “Hospitality” was muddled by “Stingy,” and “Innovation” was missing entirely, replaced with “Methodical”.

Alarmed by the lost focus on his original vision, the founder burst into a flurry of florid mixed metaphors, stopping only when Susan stepped in with a clean Brand Values Worksheet ready for fresh input. Surrounded by the Founder, his trusted advisors, and several long-time employees, Susan got to work.

Susan Sails to Success

Using the BVW’s pick-list, synonym finder, and ChatGPT explanations, she helped distill the founder’s original values into practical language that executives could apply and use to train others. Slowly but surely, the founder’s personality became the brand personality, expressed by every employee in every interaction.

Within months, Susan’s surveys showed a remarkable turn for the better. “Generous” replaced “Stingy,” “Creative” ousted “Conventional,” and “Innovative” came out of hiding.

The founder generously invited Susan to take a victory lap culminating in a TP parade down the warehouse paper aisle. Curling rolls of white toilet-roll streamers sailed through the air in wide arcs of joyous exuberance, cut short only when Betty from reception was beaned by a full block of bar napkins hurled by Carl, the clumsy sales intern. Susan decided to add “Perceptive” to the next list.

The Moral of Our Tale

Finding Your Brand Values Can Be Easy….and Watch Out for Carl

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